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The Art of Knitting DVD
 The Art of Knitting DVD
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The creators of this DVD have this to say about it:

Whether you're a beginner or an advanced knitter, the best designers and instructors in America will show you how to knit with simple, easy demonstrations that you can play over and over again. It will inspire you. Specific areas of instruction and information in Volume One will include:

Beginning to advanced knitting instruction with master knitters
A Resource Guide for knitters across America
Guidance on yarns, needles, tools and basic techniques
A wire-knitting workshop with designer/author Nancie Wiseman
Classic patterns and a stitch library
Sports injury tips for knitters with Dr. Kent Sveningson
Meditation and inspirational knitting with "Zen and the Art of Knitting" author Bernadette Murphy
Down on the farm: shearing alpacas, spinning and dyeing the fibers
Events, conventions, workshops and more
Music-to-knit-by - a variety of musical styles to inspire your knitting
Color theory: Zhenya Gershman, Education, J. Paul Getty Museum
The latest in knitted bikinis from designer Ashley Paige

Whatever your knitting level, this DVD will have you knitting socks, sweaters, scarves, hats... the sky's the limit. With this DVD you can knit anything you put your mind to and, most importantly, have fun while you're doing it! TheArtOf Knitting... Will teach, entertain and inspire you... Your family's traditions will come alive with TheArtOf Knitting.

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